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Mr. Moon Mr. Moon


A Child's Love

What Little Girls Can Do!

Mr. Moon Mr. Moon


Hunter Learns About Honesty

Hunter Learns About Diversity

Colin and the Legend of the Weeping Willow

Patience, Vinny, Patience

Of All That I Could Be by Anna Casaement

Of All That I Could Be

Brady and the Bombii Bumblebee by Anna C

Brady and the Bombii Bumblebee

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When Daddy's Going Away

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My Mocha Skin

Weeds Beneath the Open Meadows

Anna Casamento Arrigo_The Shadow's Secre

The Shadow's Secrets

All Red: A Collection of Poetry


LOVE this!!!! A story in a story. It teaches so about compassion, love, and culture. My grandchild loved it!

A delight to read, educational for us all .The perfect mix of fun and education for our little one!  

Hunter Learns About Honesty is a great book that teaches  lesson to children. It clearly expresses the quality of being honest. I read the book to my 3 year old grandson who enjoyed it,and understood that Hunter was not being truthful. Another great job by the author, Anna Casamento Arrigo!

Kate,amazon customer review on Colin The Legend of the Weeping Willow

FAYE T, THE FIRST PEN on What Little Girls Can Do & Hunter's Series

Julie Ayres, amazon customer review on Hunter Learns About Honesty



Anna Casamento Arrigo is the author of several children's books, including Mr. Moon Mr. Moon and the electrifying romance novel, The Shadow's Secrets. She is indeed an artist with many hats; a visual artist, a painter, and a teacher. After recovering from a stroke, Anna realized that she can no longer fulfill her role of being a teacher. Having taught inner-city students prior to her stroke, Anna Casamento Arrigo understands fully well what it means to need inspiration.

My message to my readers; 

...It is not enough to leave matters to fate

But rather, seek out with impunity...passion...

one forward...inch by inch...turn quickly into miles

and there beyond the thorns and tempests of yesterdays

lies the dream realized...


What's Coming!


When Daddy's Going Away

"The best inheritance a parent can give his children
 is a few minutes of his time each day." —O. A. Battista

When  Anna Casamento Arrigo penned her soon-to-be-released book " When Daddy's Going Away,"she started the writing journey with a reflection, a snippet of her dad.  It differs, however, because Anna's dad passed away when she was only 12. 

 "  I don't pretend to honestly know what a child, who's going through the upheaval and sadness may experience during but, especially, after that divorce is finalized.  All I have or, rather, am left with, is that sense of loss and the uncertainty that comes with not knowing." 

 I, suppose, in some aberrant way, it's best that I never had that sense of loss, conflict, pain, and separation or, even, alienation because parents ' contention toward each other becomes, in some ways, greater than the love they have or should have for their child or children. "When Daddy's Going Away," is my thought, my soul, and heart seeking to explore and, hopefully, allow some to remember THE CHILD! " 

When Daddy's Going Away is a story penned from the author's heart, remembering the 'child,' and  written for the children. Grab one for you and the little ones.

What's New!

Of All That I Could Be!

Every child, at one time or another, has imagined being this creature or that. Of All That I Could Be! enables a child to pretend what life might be like as something else's. But, in the end, the message is clear, there is nothing more worthwhile than being ME!


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    Teaching little chidlren the value of loving themselves and being comfortable for being who they are


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