A Child's Love

“A Child's Love" is a heartwarming story evoking the unbreakable chain of love between mother and daughter. It dares the reader to hold back tears as a mother watches her daughter become a mother herself, and the daughter then tends to the mother's needs as time takes its inevitable toll. This "circle of life" process is keenly observed by the granddaughter, who will someday herself need to extend such care and compassion to her mother, thus allowing love, devotion and compassion to pass from one generation to the next.

What Little Girls Can Do!

What Little Girls Can Do! is a rhyming book that encourages all girls to dream big and follow dreams. The message is clear and socially timely—girls can do anything they wish to do!

Mr. Moon Mr. Moon

Ever wonder why the moon is up there so high? If you can talk to him, what would you say? Would you ask him to come down and play? Where do you think he goes when the night is gone? Anna Casamento Arrigo captures a child's musings with the stellar entity we call the moon here in Mr. Moon, Mr. Moon.

Of All That I Could Be by Anna Casaement

Of All That I Could Be

Every child, at one time or another, has imagined being this creature or that. Of All That I Could Be! enables a child to pretend what life might be like as something else's. But, in the end, the message is clear, there is nothing more worthwhile than being ME!

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My Mocha Skin

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I'm VERY special, unique, different and aren't we all?

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When Daddy's Going Away

When  Anna Casamento Arrigo penned her soon-to-be-released book " When Daddy's Going Away,"she started the writing journey with a reflection, a snippet of her dad.  It differs, however, because Anna's dad passed away when she was only 12. 

 "  I don't pretend to honestly know what a child, who's going through the upheaval and sadness may experience during but, especially, after that divorce is finalized.  All I have or, rather, am left with, is that sense of loss and the uncertainty that comes with not knowing." 

I, suppose, in some aberrant way, it's best that I never had that sense of loss, conflict, pain, and separation or, even, alienation because parents ' contention toward each other becomes, in some ways, greater than the love they have or should have for their child or children. "When Daddy's Going Away," is my thought, my soul, and heart seeking to explore and, hopefully, allow some to remember THE CHILD! " 

When Daddy's Going Away is a story penned from the author's heart, remembering the 'child,' and  written for the children. Grab one for you and the little ones.


Hunter Learns About Honesty

Even though he knows it is against the rule, young Hunter plays ball in the house. He throws it up and catches it. He bounces it off the floor and catches it. Everything is going fine until the ball slips away from him and bounces somewhere it never should have gone. After the ball causes something very dear to Hunter's Mommy to break, Hunter does not tell Mommy that it was his fault that it broke. Hunter and Mommy go on a picnic where Hunter speaks with very special animals who help him realize that the truth, while not always easy, is always the best approach. Dealing with love, trust, and overcoming fear, "Hunter Learns About Honesty" is something straight off the pages of Aesop's Fables for children of today.

Hunter Learns About Diversity

Do you remember learning a new big word in school? Don't you just feel so excited to share it with your mommy and daddy? That's exactly how Hunter felt when he learned the word diversity. Join him as he happily learns more about diversity, together with his mommy. Have fun with them on their colorful trip, and by the end of the day, diversity will no longer be a big word for you to.

Colin and the Legend of the Weeping Willow

In keeping with the ideas, inherited tales, and legends, which strive to explain nature’s phenomena, Colin and the Legend of the Weeping Willow does not disappoint. This is a creatively crafted work that strives to explain one such phenomenon—the weeping willow. Like many legends, it uses cultural beliefs and practices while also introducing some Native American values, their heritage, and practices. An endearing account of how the weeping willow came to be is recounted by a grandmother to her very inquisitive grandchild.

Patience, Vinny, Patience

Vinny is becoming increasingly impatient as he waits for his mom to finish her tasks before she can take him on their weekly trip. Frustrated, he, with his mom's urging, goes out and sits on the back porch step. It is there that he meets a character who teaches him about the value of patience.




One foot in the old country and one in the new. 'Weeds Beneath the Open Meadows' is a poignant, poetic, and thought provoking memoir that will have your imagination running wild. It is a vivid representation of the immigrant experience and all the heartache and joy that comes along with it. In the era of #MeToo, this story is a must read, as it shines a bright light on the prevalence of sexual abuse at the hands of predatory adults. It also gives sharp insight into old world corporal punishment that can scar a person for a lifetime. There is so much heart packed into this terse little memoir that spans generations, continents, and cultures that I must highly recommend it. The story exemplifies the sheer chaos of life that builds each and every one of us. A remarkable piece of writing, in my opinion.

—MJRocissono, author of ' Beyond The Weeping Willow

Weeds Beneath the Open Meadows

Following the plight of a young Italian girl, Weeds Beneath the Open Meadows, is more than just a memoir; this book explores the relationship between the individual and truth, the effect of the past upon the present, and conflicting representations about love. When Anna and her family leave their homeland due to her father's nebulous business in the United States, she leaves behind crowns weaved from flowers, handmade dresses, and the ubiquitous poverty of the Italian countryside. Once across the Atlantic, Anna realizes that life in America is about possessions; possessing things as well as memories. Blurring the line between an older past in the meadows and villages of Sicily, and a newer past in the concrete streets of New Jersey, Weeds Beneath the Open Meadows explores how a young girl learns the ways of America without letting go of Italy. Blending the imagery of poetry with masterful prose, Weeds Beneath the Open Meadows explores the difficulties of assimilation, the loss of loved ones, and the discovery of the self."The only mode my thoughts run in, though, is rewind. Never fast-forward and certainly never stopped. Thus the truth is my thoughts and, the facts are my experience, subjective, and still mine."

The Shadow's Secrets

While serving as the priest of a small parish in the countryside of Italy, Nunzio's admiration of beauty gets him into trouble. Mariella, a beautiful woman with great strength and an appreciation for all of the things Nunzio cares about, enters his life, and he calls his holy vows into question. Although their love is pure and strong, Nunzio is married to the church, and Mariella is wedded to Paolo, a man with a violent temper who is capable of heinous abuses. Amidst the romantic scandal, a string of children go missing, and when their bodies are discovered, they are horribly maimed. The townspeople begin to suspect that their young priest, from out-of-town, could be responsible for the grotesque deaths. When a witch-hunt, organized by Paolo, turns the parish against their priest, Mariella discovers that an even greater secret is growing inside of her. In their clandestine hours together, Nunzio and Mariella marvel at nature's resilience to the harshest of conditions, but The Shadow's Secrets proves that no creature suffers quite like a man and a woman in love.

All Red: A Collection Of Poetry

Anna Casamento-Arrigo and Gregory Anthony Stone began their work on "All Red" shortly after the two became neighbors. Little did they realize that they had traveled very similar paths in life. It is said that, 'truth is stranger than fiction.' As fate would have it, Casamento-Arrigo and Stone both had a connection with Jersey City, New Jersey. Casamento-Arrigo grew up in Jersey City after arriving in America from Sicily, whereas, Stone was born there. The parallels and connections do not end there though. Ironically, Stone's wife Phyllis had lived with her family at 200 Webster Avenue in Jersey City-a home which would later be occupied by Casamento-Arrigo and her family. It was also discovered that Stone went to school with and was a friend of one of Casamento-Arrigo's relatives by marriage. The two thus accepted this gift of fate and, indeed, welcomed it and the path that would eventually lead them to the creation of "All Red." Moreover, Casamento-Arrigo and Stone are also both stroke survivors who share a passion for all forms of self-expression. Together, they have, as fate would have it, used words to paint pictures and created pictures that spawned poems. It is within the pages of this book that you will experience exactly how passion may serve as an impetus to finding one's own calling and unleash that inner voice that speaks to you as well!