One foot in the old country and one in the new. 'Weeds Beneath the Open Meadows' is a poignant, poetic, and thought provoking memoir that will have your imagination running wild. It is a vivid representation of the immigrant experience and all the heartache and joy that comes along with it. In the era of #MeToo, this story is a must read, as it shines a bright light on the prevalence of sexual abuse at the hands of predatory adults. It also gives sharp insight into old world corporal punishment that can scar a person for a lifetime. There is so much heart packed into this terse little memoir that spans generations, continents, and cultures that I must highly recommend it. The story exemplifies the sheer chaos of life that builds each and every one of us. A remarkable piece of writing, in my opinion.

—MJRocissono, author of ' Beyond The Weeping Willow

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